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About us

About us

Xpouf is an italian young brand, based on Lake Garda.
It produces handcrafted items and distributes his in&outdoor poufs fully made in Italy. The Indoor and Outdoor collections, are born from Alessandro Comerlati’s research and creativity. He is the designer and owner of the "Xpouf" ed "Expandpouf" brands. Xpouf ed Expandpouf are two furnishing accessories that will make your house, garden or terrace unique and inimitable. They combine complete body comfort with modern, innovative, revolutionary and fun design.

Alessandro Comerlati, professional windsurfer and skilled designer, inspired by the 60s poufs, he decided to get involved creating the pouf with a captivating, modern and stylish look. In 2011 Alessandro patented the first "active with memory" pouf, starting an international success for the revolutionary feeling that this minimalist, functional, elegant and comfortable chair gives to those who own it and use it. In 2012, through the continued research and attention paid to the materials and fabrics used, Alessandro created a new "XPOUF" brand. Xpouf products are always cutting-edge. They combine modern and attractive design, functionality, practicality and maximum comfort. The ergonomic lines of the poufs allow a total relaxation of the body, not forgetting items’ glamour, vibe and originality.
The long experience in the furniture industry also allows the staff of Xpouf to be able to advise their customers according to their needs by proposing the most suitable pouf for each customer and for each chosen environment. Xpouf offers a wide range of models, both for indoor and outdoor, available in a broad spectrum of colors.

Who buys one of these poufs, will have a unique object, inimitable, with attention to detail but above all comfortable, cozy, ergonomic and can no longer live without.

Choose the model, size and color that more suits you!