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Pouf in&out

Comfortable, with an ergonomic design, it offers a feeling of
immediate rest, without forgetting the attractive and unique aesthetic side.
The new in & out collection has been created for a demanding public,
who loves elegance but also the resistance of fabrics.

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Xpouf In & out pouf

Indoor Pouf

X-SHARK is a comfortable indoor pouf
with a modern and minimal design. Its shape allows you to
use it as a comfortable chaise lounge or as an armchair.

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X Shark New Product

Indoor Pouf
X-drop Junior

X-drop JUNIOR is a sack armchair for children
of all ages, multifunctional, removable,
made of elastic fabric that allows the pouf
to adapt perfectly to the shape of the body

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Xpouf Junior, Baby Pouf

Indoor Pouf

X-MOON is a new product in limited edition for internal use,
made of elastic microfiber with an alcantara and padded effect
of expanded polyurethane balls (EPS).

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XMoon New Product

Indoor Pouf
Junior Pouf

XPouf junior, they are Poufs designed by children for children,
they have been made using an elastic microfibre, Licra.
The result is the shape you choose, maximum comfort and softness.
The Poufs are composed of a core and a cover that can be machine washed.
Your children will love it.

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Xpouf Junior, Baby Pouf

Vele ombreggianti

Strutture leggere in microfibra elastica da utilizzare per decorazioni
interne ed esterne e/o come tende ombreggianti.

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Vele ombreggianti